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Press Releases

Press Releases

The Open Group Announces the Availability of the First Operating System Certified to the UNIX 03 Product Standard

IBM is the first vendor to be awarded a UNIX 03 certification

San Francisco, CA – November 10, 2004 – The Open Group announced today that IBM is the first vendor to be awarded a certificate of conformance for UNIX 03 certified systems, marking IBM’s continued commitment to the UNIX® platform. IBM’s AIX™ operating system is now certified to UNIX 03 - the latest UNIX® system profile developed by The Open Group's Platform Forum, supporting Version 3 of the Single UNIX® Specification.

UNIX 03 builds upon the work of the Austin Group, the joint collaboration of The Open Group, IEEE and ISO that develops the joint IEEE 1003.1 POSIX® standard and The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6.

“Conformance to standards is critical for enabling secure and reliable access to integrated information across systems, wherever and whenever it is needed,” noted Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group. “IBM has clearly demonstrated the commitment to their customers by achieving the UNIX 03 certification and providing assurance of additional standardization that will help user organizations continue to protect the vast investments they have made in existing systems.”

"IBM has been a key supporter of the industry initiative to develop the Single UNIX® Specification and its associated test developments," noted Andrew Josey, Director Certification of The Open Group.

“This important certification provides real validation of IBM's commitment to open standards and underscores our strategic, long-term commitment to AIX as our platform for innovation,” said Karl Freund, Vice President of pSeries Marketing, IBM. “IBM clients across the globe rely on AIX to run mission critical applications with outstanding performance, scalability and reliability. We believe industry standards can play a pivotal role in allowing clients to integrate data and business processes, helping them to become true on demand businesses.”

Benefits for Application Developers

  • Guaranteed consistency of services and behavior amongst UNIX® operating system implementations.
  • Improved portability
  • Backward compatibility.
  • Faster development through the increased number of standard interfaces.
  • More innovation is possible, due to the reduced time spent porting applications

Benefits for Users

  • An evolutionary approach that protects investment in existing systems, data and applications.

About AIX Operating System

AIX combines mainframe-inspired scalability, reliability and manageability with open UNIX® platform features, across a sweeping spectrum of IBM eServer systems including IBM eServer pSeries, iSeries and BladeCenter. The AIX platform is critical for e-business, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning and other essential business applications. AIX is the product of decades-long innovation by IBM researchers and engineers. It is rigorously tested and inspected by government authorities and independent auditing organizations and has earned several certifications documenting its adherence to the industry’s toughest security standards.

About UNIX 03 and The Single UNIX Specification

Building on the success of UNIX 95 and UNIX 98, UNIX 03 is the latest result of the collaboration between vendors and users to further enhance the industry standard definition of the UNIX® operating system.  UNIX 03 is the mark for systems conforming to Version 3 of the Single UNIX® Specification, at the core of which is the collaborative work of the Austin Group.

The Single UNIX® Specification is a set of open, consensus specifications that define the requirements for a conformant UNIX® system. The standardized programming environment provides a broad-based functional set of interfaces to support the porting of existing UNIX® applications and the development of new applications. The environment also supports a rich set of tools for application development.

About The Open Group

The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium, whose vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ will enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability. The Open Group works with customers, suppliers, consortia and other standard bodies. Its role is to capture, understand and address current and emerging requirements, establish policies and share best practices; to facilitate interoperability, develop consensus, and evolve and integrate specifications and open source technologies; to offer a comprehensive set of services to enhance the operational efficiency of consortia; and to operate the industry’s premier certification service, including UNIX ® System certification.

Note to editors: Boundaryless Information Flow is a trademark, and UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the U.S. and other countries.

Media contact:
Eva Kostelkova
The Open Group
+1 415 374-8280

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