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ADL Release 2.1.1

Release Notes


This document provides release information for The Assertion Definition Language Translation System (ADL)

1  Release Overview

ADL 2.1.1 is a maintenance release. It provides a single bug fix, and is identical in other respects to the previous release, version 2.1.

1.1 Changes since the last release

The single bug fix for this release involves the assignment of default values to float types in ADLJava. Previously, ADL would auto-generate a float type with the default value of '0.0' which is interpreted by java as being a double value. This version ADL sets the default value to '0.0f' which explicitly identifies it as a float value and prevents a cast error during compilation.

There are no other functional changes.

2 Release Contents

ADL can be freely obtained from the Open Group FTP site:

log in anonymously (username: anonymous, password=your email address)

This release is in the sub-directory /pub/ADL2

This release consists of the following alternative files (only one is required).
adl-2.1.1.tar.gz The Part-compiled release. The Platform independent (java) components are pre-compiled using JDK1.1. This is the preferred version unless you wish to modify and recompile the ADL compiler source code.
adl-2.1.1-src.tar.gz The Full source release of ADL2.1.1

To install ADL, unzip the file using gunzip and then use tar to extract the contents from the archive. The distribution will be extracted in to a directory called 'adl2/'. The included RELEASE_NOTES file gives detailed installation instructions.


This version of ADL has been released in support of the 2nd CORBA Validation Project (CORVAL2).

4 Documentation

Installation notes and user reference manuals are included with the download in the doc/subdirectory.

A complete document archive is available online at the ADL Website:


5 Support

For licensed customers or users wishing to acquire a license, please use the adl_support email address at the domain.

If you are an unlicensed customer, we can not offer support. We are grateful for any comments, bug reports or other feedback though, which can be sent to the develoment team's adlteam mailbox at the

Fr more information about ADL see The Open Group's ADL Website:

6 Size

A full source-based installation of ADL2.x requires 20Mb to 30Mb of disk space depending on platform.

20 September 2001

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