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About ADL
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The Current version of ADL is: 2.1.1

View the current release note.


The current version is provided in two alternative packages:

  • Full source package
  • Part-compiled package

The Full source package must be built in full prior to use. The Part-compiled package is provided with the platform-independent (Java) parts of the system pre-compiled. This considerably simplifies installation and is the recommended package to download unless you wish to inspect the ADL compiler source code.

The packages are available from The Open Group's Reading ftp site: ftp.rdg.opengroup.org (anonymous login) in directory /pub/ADL2


Please read the Copyright and License Notice before using the software

The available packages are:

Package nameSize (bytes)Note
adl-2.1.1.tar.gz2243616v2.1.1 Part-compiled with JDK1.1
adl2.1-prolog.tar.gz1001534Prolog compiler for Natural Language support
adl2.1-src.tar.gz4742997Full source for v2.1
adl2.1.tar.gz2189429v2.1 Part-compiled with JDK1.1


All releases are packged in .tar.gz format: a tar file archive compressed with gzip.


The ADL1 archive is also available: ftp://ftp.uu.net/vendor/adl/

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