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Current Documents

The following current documents are applicable to all ADL 2.x releases.

ADL Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQHTML-
ADL Translation System User's Guide: Getting Started With ADLT, v2.0User GuidePDF319K
ADL 2.0 for C Language Reference Manual, v1.1User GuidePDF150K
ADL 2.0 for C++ Language Reference Manual, v1.2User GuidePDF194K
ADL 2.0 for IDL Language Reference Manual, v1.2User GuidePDF215K
ADL 2.0 for Java Language Reference Manual, v1.2User GuidePDF196K
ADL 2.0 Translation System Design Specification, v1.1 SpecificationPDF377K
The Assertion Based Testing Tool for OOP: ADL2.
Obayashi et al 1998 (ICSE'98 Conference, Kyoto)
Enhanced Techniques for CORBA Validation (CORVAL2)
White paper from a major project using ADL
White PaperPDF294K


Archived Documents

The following archived documents are applicable to the ADL 1.x releases

ADLTS: An Automated Test Generation Tool.
Evans & McCarron 1994.
Research PaperPS141K
ADLTS: Research Results and Future Plans.
deRaeve et al 1995
Research PaperPDF166K
ADL Project Report.
deRaeve & McCarron 1997
Research PaperPDF186K
ADL1 White Paper.White PaperPS106K
An Interface Definition Language for Specifying and testing Software Sankar & HayesResearch PaperPS148K
Requirements for a System for Automation of Test Suite Creation SpecificationPS126K

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