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Between 1991 and 1995 the X/Open Company Ltd. and the SunTest division of Sun Microsystems Laboratories have worked closely with the Japanese MITI's Information-technology Promotion Agency on a project to conduct research in the area of Automated Test Technology. This research resulted in the development of a set of tools freely available, under an X Window System-like copyright and grant of rights.

The Open Group Research Institute was in charge of the development of the second version of the ADL technology (ADL 2), which provides specifications and tests description languages for Java, IDL, C++ and C.


This project resulted from a contract between MITI's IPA and the Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI). The latter subscontracted part of the development to The Open Group and Kanrikogaku Kenkyusyo Ltd (K3 - Japanese pages). The responsibilities of the different partners were as follows:

The Open Group
Development of the core technology.

Development of extensions for subsystem testing.
Integration testing.

Development of a GUI.
Development of test object libraries.


2001, Sep. ADL 2.1.1 Maintenance release
1998 - 2001 ADL 2.1 supported by The Open Group
1998, Nov. ADL 2 Released with Java support
1997, Mar. ADL 1.1 Released
1995, Dec. ADL 1.0 Released
1991 Research project begins

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